Top Tips for Choosing a Web Design Agency

If you are looking to update your website or launch a new one, then you probably have a huge shopping list and a lot of things to think about. Choosing a web design agency can be a time-consuming task, but it is well worth shopping around and making an effort to find the perfect company.

There are a number of practical issues that you should think about, including the cost and whether it is you or the agency that is responsible for supplying content and images for the site. However, those issues are just one small part of the process of finding an agency.

If the cost and range of services were all that mattered, then people would simply choose the company that offered the lowest quote. The truth is that, within reason, the cost does not matter as much as ROI. If you invest in a great website and it doubles your sales, then you are better off. If you get a cheap website made and it does nothing to build your brand, you have lost money.

Bringing KPIs into the Conversation

When you approach a web design company, ask them for their portfolio so you can see what their style is, and then ask them what KPIs they use with clients. A good agency won’t offer to “get you more traffic” or “get you to the front page of Google”. They will have goals that can be measured accurately, such as inquiries or conversions.

Local Matters

If you want to get the best results with your online marketing, then you need to choose a local agency, because they will have the expertise you need to get the best possible results. This, plus the advantage of being able to meet face to face to discuss issues, is what makes it so important to choose a web design agency in London if that is where you are based.

It Pays to Negotiate

Talk to a few different agencies until you find one you are happy to deal with. Remember that it is your brand that they are representing, so you should always feel completely comfortable with everything they have to offer.