Four Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Home

Moving home can be fraught with dangers, but here are some of the commonest mistakes to avoid.

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Using the Wrong Estate Agent

This can be a very costly mistake. Not only do you have to avoid estate agents that give you a massively inflated valuation, as they are unlikely to give you the best service, but you should also be wary of those who rely on an established name to get their business. Probably the best way to choose an estate agent is to go by personal recommendation and your own impression of them. You want an estate agent who will not only find a buyer but will also remain involved as the deal goes through. Fees charged by agents can vary considerably, so do your research before deciding which to choose.

According to the BBC News, four estate agents in Berkshire have recently been accused of illegal fee-fixing, so you need to ensure you are not paying over the odds.

Using the Wrong Conveyancer

It is important to use a well-established and reputable conveyancer whether you decide to use a traditional solicitor or go for online conveyancing through a company such asĀ Online conveyancing is likely to be a less expensive option, and you need to be sure that all the legal aspects of the purchase are covered. Some people prefer DIY conveyancing, but this is rarely the best option.

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Selecting the Wrong Purchaser

It can be tempting to accept the first offer that is made, but you need to ensure that your estate agent has thoroughly vetted any potential purchasers. It is important that they are able to secure a mortgage and are in a position to proceed. Otherwise, they may have to pull out during the transaction, sending you back to step one again.

Using the Wrong Mortgage Company

When you have found the property you want to buy, you need to be in a position to make an offer quickly. Choosing a mortgage company that your conveyancer has recommended can make the whole process much simpler, as you know they will work well together on your behalf and the purchase will go through with fewer problems. Choose the right mortgage company and you should be able to proceed with the move without any unnecessary delays.