Tips for dressing your windows in Summer

Summer is a warm, bright and vibrant time of year. The sun is shining, the flowers are at their best and the sky is a clear blue.

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It is the perfect time to dress your windows at home and refresh your space. Not only does a beautifully-dressed window space allow for a great focal point in the room but also it can help to create an inviting atmosphere and a seasonal twist. Well-dressed and well-maintained windows can even prove to be more environmentally friendly!

If you would like to make the most of your windows this summer, take a look at some of the helpful tips below.

Refreshing your windows

The first step before dressing your windows is to spruce up space itself. Give sills, ledges, and fixtures a thorough wipe and ensure that your windows are in the best condition they can be. You can attend any cracks, call a professional cleaner, or even replace the windows altogether. Summer is a great time to refresh your space. Look up local professionals for the best price close to you, such as Gloucester Double Glazing companies found at links including Don’t forget that new and effective windows are more energy-efficient and cost-effective. Some studies have even shown that they benefit the environment overall.

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The best bouquets

Flowers – whether freshly cut or artificial and long-lasting – have an instant visual impact. You can personalize yours by getting creative. Tie them in a bouquet with string and place in a crystal vase, or be more playful and use welly boots, watering cans or another outdoorsy item to hold them.

Sea Shells

Painted and ornamental shells in pastel colours give a great sense of relaxing on holiday. They can be artfully arranged and tied with ribbons and stickers for children.

Animal friends

Bumblebees, turtles, and hedgehogs are instantly recognizable symbols of summer. You can use ornaments or figurines for a sleek feel, or even plush toys for a light-hearted look that will bring a smile to all who see them.

Herbs and succulents

It does not only have to be colourful flowers that steal the show. If your colour scheme is more understated, green herbs and succulents look just as fresh and attractive.

With a few tweaks and creative flourishes, you can transform your windows and dress them perfectly.