Top mental and social benefits of team sports

There are clear physical benefits to be gained by playing any type of sport, but there are strong mental and social benefits for children who choose to play team sports in particular. Here is a look at the many advantages that team sports can offer young people.

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According to the Daily Mail, research has shown that there is a link between playing team sports and academic achievement among those aged 14 to 18 years old. Teenagers who belong to competitive sports clubs are more likely to continue their education.

Mental benefits

Playing team sports can make children less selfish in theory because they have to think about what is best for the team instead of taking all the glory for themselves. It can also help them to control their emotions, especially when their team is on the losing side, and this can teach them important lessons about resilience. This can help in other areas of life as they realize they can learn from their mistakes and come back stronger. Success in playing team sports takes patience and dedication, which means lots of training and practice along with plenty of mental strength.

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Social benefits

One of the main benefits for children participating in team sports is that they learn what it means to work as a team and begin to understand that communication is a major part of that. By communicating effectively, children will start to make friends with the other children on the team, which can give them a sense of belonging. There can be nothing better for children than putting on their football training kits and getting out on the pitch playing football with their teammates. Friendships like the ones made playing sports, along with the support of parents and coaches, can enhance children’s self-esteem. If your child has difficulty behaving properly or following rules, playing a team sport could be an ideal way to teach them about respect for other people.

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While playing any type of sport is great, playing team sports has a huge impact on the social and mental health of children who take part in them, so find out what your children are interested in and get them involved in a team sport today!