Valentine’s Day presents for your man

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity for couples to show their love, appreciation, and affection for one another. Men want to be spoiled just as much as we do, so you should plan what thoughtful present you will give to your husband or boyfriend beforehand. Thankfully, there are plenty of original gift ideas that you can take your inspiration from so that you won’t find yourself in the situation of not knowing what your man would like to get. Here are a few Valentine’s Day present ideas that you should take into consideration this year.

Board game

If you are both introverts that would spend your Friday night watching Netflix or reading books rather than go clubbing with your friends, we might have the perfect Valentine’s Day present for your partner! Everybody loves a good board game and fortunately, there are thousands to choose from apart from the classic Monopoly and Activity. From historical reenactments to true crime-inspired games, there are plenty of options you can consider getting. For some additional inspiration, take a look at The New York Times article about 11 best board games of 2022.

Wool sweater

If you want to keep your man warm and snug this year, don’t look any further than a wool sweater. Choose a jumper made of high-quality wool and of a classic design such as the cable knit pattern or the turtleneck pullover. A wool cable knit sweater is sure not only to protect him from the cold but also to be an elegant and easy-to-wear garment that he can combine with any pair of bottoms that he has in his wardrobe. Browse and select the perfect sweater for your partner; it is sure to keep him warm and last for years.

Surprise box

In case your significant other is hard to please and you know that there are very few things that you can buy that will make this truly melt, opt for a personalized present such as a surprise box. Fill it with his favorite snacks and little treats, as well as something unique that will be the “bigger” present, such as an album with photos of the two of you from your most important moments together or a customized piece of jewelry like a bracelet or a necklace that you are 100% sure he will wear.


If your man’s love language is quality time and he would much rather go out with you than receive something material, focus on providing an incredible experience for the two of you.

Instead of giving a physical gift, consider giving an experience that the two of you can enjoy together. This could be a weekend getaway, a road trip, a concert of his favorite band, or even a painting class. The two of you will have the chance to spend quality time together in addition to having a great experience.