Traveling for Christmas? Here are 3 tips on how to stay healthy during your flight

Alongside Thanksgiving, Christmas is probably the most expensive holiday travel season ever and it’s not surprising, as all the people are rushing to the airport to either celebrate with their families or go to a new tropical destination. And although we’re all very excited about this holiday season, any flight can be a stressful experience, especially for someone who’s not prepared and it doesn’t matter if it is your first time boarding a plane or you’ve been doing it since you were two. There are a few things you need to keep in mind in order to stay healthy during your travel and we’re here to discuss these secrets with you today.

Chose the window seat

If you’re having a long, overnight flight and would like to get at least a little bit of sleep, remember to always choose the window seat when booking your ticket. To begin with, a window seat gives you the possibility to admire the amazing views, be it the snowy mountains or the big cities that light up during the night. Although this might seem to be a trivial thing, admiring the views can actually have benefits for your health, for example, it can relax you, put you in a calmer and more comfortable mood (especially if you’re afraid of flying), and some people even say that it can help with overcoming claustrophobia. Plus, it gives you a sturdy place to lean and fall asleep, a privilege that those who got assigned an aisle seat don’t have.

Wear the right clothes

When flying with low-cost airlines, it is always entertaining to see how many people are wearing up to five layers of clothes only to prevent paying for an extra bag (and something tells me it won’t be much longer until these companies will charge us for any extra sweater or jacket we bring on the plane). While amusing, the clothes that you wear on a plane play a really important role in your health. Because of the low pressure on board, the air in the cabin tends to get very dry, which undeniably affects our body and particularly our skin. It tends to get more sensitive and delicate, especially if you already have some conditions, and wearing clothes made of synthetic or coarse fabrics can make you feel uncomfortable and irritated for the whole flight. For wintertime, a knit sweater made of 100% merino wool as those I found on Tara  will make the best garment to wear on the plane, as its fine fiber won’t scratch your skin and it will also keep you warm no matter the temperature on board.

Sanitize any surfaces

Even if all surfaces are cleaned by the air company, sanitizing your space once on board is a must if you want to stay healthy. After all, it is exactly during the Christmas season that most people get sick with the flu or any other illness caused by germs and viruses. Sanitizing wipes and disinfectant spray should be on you all the time, so make sure you thoroughly clean your seat, the armrests, the belt buckle, as well as any other item you touch during the flight. This is especially important if you travel with your children, but also if the people whom you’re visiting this Christmas are old or suffer from chronic illnesses. Another great idea would be to avoid the bathroom as much as possible and even if you have to use it, the disinfectant spray is once again your best friend in getting rid of all the germs.