How casinos make use of scent marketing

Marketing companies are continuously thinking up ways to promote new products or ventures with the use of scent playing a major role in bringing in consumers. However, this strategy is not only used in shops as casinos are now taking advantage of the marketing tool to attract players.

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How can aromas be used?

Scent marketing is a valuable strategy which has been used for a number of years. In short, the use of a particular scent can enhance the experience and can result in a connection between brand and customer. It can work by increasing interest in specific products, creating a more pleasurable experience for the consumer or, in the case of casinos, hoping to bring the customer back time and time again.

Does it work?

There have been many studies which focus on the use of scent and its effect. It is a powerful tool which can evoke memories and take you back to a particular environment, and so this was put to the test in 2006. The study found that when casino areas were subject to aroma marketing, players were more likely to return to that specific section, whilst the areas which did not have a set aroma had no particular increase in repeat visitors.

Nowadays, it comes as no surprise that casinos all around the world took notice and began to employ marketing teams, such as who specialise in the use of scent, to encourage players to return to their casino.

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What’s next?

However, it is not just the use of scent that is seen as a new and exciting marketing tool. Expanding on the use of senses is multisensory marketing. Now, in addition to using aromas to evoke a reaction, companies are looking into ways to stimulate multiple senses to create a memorable experience.

Of course, whilst new styles of marketing, such as the multisensory approach, are just beginning to be noticed, the use of scents has been around for years. It’s highly likely that you may not have even realised the importance or success that it has had, or even been aware when you have been on the receiving end. However, with continuing studies proving the positive effects, it’s time that your business takes advantage of different aromas and puts this genius marketing tactic to the test.