Should your website consider motion design

Our collective usage of mobile apps is increasing each year and with their seamless use of motion design, Google’s meaningful motion concept is going to be something you see a lot more of throughout 2020. Apps are at the forefront of this design concept, but it’s something that is also set to surge in popularity within the web design industry.  A Cheltenham Branding Agency found at sites like will help you with the logo, your brand image and talk you through what’s important within this field.

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What is material motion?

As Google explains, material motion is a concept that helps to describe intention, functionality and spatial relationships within material design in a beautiful and fluid way. In more simplistic terms, material motion can, for example, visually hint what is going to happen when a user makes a specific gesture or act as a distracting feature whilst a website loads the next page or pulls up a new image.

As well as being a useful tool helping to point users in the right direction, material motion should also delight the user and add character to an overall design.

Seamless integration.

Motion design is becoming so seamlessly integrated into app design and websites you’ve probably seen many examples of it without even realising. Think about when you delete an image on your smartphone or tablet, the rest of the images simply slide to the left making a smooth and non-fussy transition. Further examples can be seen on the popular social platform Tumblr, which won a Google Design Award for its seamless use of motion design.

Motion design within your website.

Its adaptable nature means that motion design can be seamlessly incorporated into every website with a bit of thought and creativity. Knowledgeable companies will understand that elements of motion design don’t necessarily need to be complex or make a big visual impact because even the subtlest touches can greatly enhance a design, and positively increase overall user experience.

Of course, a responsive design that communicates useful information in an easy to understand way is the most important thing. The use of motion design, however, will become more important as it has the ability to secure increased user engagement without distracting from your core message. This means that considering how you can incorporate it into your website design could be a good thing to start thinking about now.