The Top Digital Marketing Trends To Implement Now

Staying on top of Social Media technology and trends is a feat worthy of any Marvel superhero since these tend to be constantly in flux. If you’re eager to stay ahead of the curve and start implementing the trends that will be taking over soon, then take a peek at these following tech trends that are reportedly going to have staying power for the next five years.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are tipped to become a big design trend for many brands going forward, and there is definitely room for them amid the static images which have been the predominant way brands add visuals to their pages.

Motion graphics are said to be the main way that companies will choose to build their brand identities going forward – since they’ll be used everywhere from chats to company pages, to become icons in the Metaverse. These animations and motion graphics will allow for more engagement over the long term as well as be a way to add an eye-catching visual focal point for key content points or website segments that you want to highlight.

AI Recommendations

Thanks to apps like TikTok, more and more companies are starting to use artificial intelligence to help them pick what to watch or read next based on past history pulled from various sources. This trust in AI is what is slowly building a better-personalized algorithm that allows it to draw in key videos and content from top creators and profiles from various media mediums.

Content Creators

As a whole, content creators’ work is on the uptick since there are many people who have the ability to craft compelling stories and emotive works who are not keen to work in-house at companies and prefer the attractive option of working as a freelancer.

As AI-driven exposure for influencers continues to grow, the exposure of new audiences to influencers will allow those with large followings to create content that resonates more with their audience. This will also lead to more brands choosing to work with influencers who already have an engaged and active following, leading to a content workforce that remains outside traditional office set-ups.

Video First

Video content first is a choice many companies are happily embracing, since well-crafted videos are a way to better sell services and products in less time. Live videos are also one of the key marketing tools that will continue to see traction. Live videos create appeal far faster than other mediums due to their immersive environment and sense of urgency and timing. They’re as engaging to watch as the games you’ll find at an online casino South Africa site, and just as gratifying.

Prioritizing Ad Spend For Smaller Social Sites

Smaller social sites may not have the large audiences behind them that traditional social sites do, but what they do offer is a less jaded audience to appeal to. This is why businesses are starting to expand their ad spend budgets and are channeling more into smaller social sites.

These sites have niche users which are often on the market for specific content and information, and companies are starting to branch out and spend big on their ads in these smaller networks, to grow their brand recognition and mind share. This puts them in front of their minds when it comes time for the users to enter the buyer’s journey for their specific product or service.

These trends are all becoming established quickly in the media marketing landscape. They each bear many benefits for small businesses and large corporations alike.