Choosing a chair for your bedroom

Are you thinking of a chair for your bedroom? A comfy, inviting bedroom chair can be so much more than just a place to throw clothes. It can become part of a much-loved reading nook or somewhere to enjoy a hot drink before slipping into bed. Choosing the right luxury chair will guarantee that it doesn’t just become a place for slinging last night’s clothes and other clutter.


Velvet is the perfect material choice for a bedroom, whether it’s an ottoman, sofa or cocktail chair. Choosing velvet offers a classic look, ideal for a traditional or retro bedroom décor, as well as adding some warm texture for a pared back Scandi style room.

Unusual Fabrics

Bedrooms are a great place for experimenting with chairs you might not find a place for in other rooms of the house. Unusual textures can be fun to play with, such as soft curly materials. Choosing a simple understated style means it won’t necessarily dominate a room but just lets the fabric do the talking.


The Scandi look is hugely popular at the moment and this can be achieved by choosing a chair with a mid-century design. This era was all about clean lines which means pieces of this ilk work well in a Scandi themed bedroom. For contemporary bedrooms everywhere, consider the Eames Lounge Chair from a site like https://www.pash-classics


If you love the 1970s then you’ll have noticed that trends from this era have been appearing in interior design recently. Decorative items like wicker furniture, oversize hanging plants and macrame wall hangings are popular once more. With this in mind, consider adding a rattan chair to a bedroom for a relaxed 70s vibe that embraces natural materials.


You might be tempted to fall asleep in a big, soft, body-hugging armchair and forget all about your bed! Deep and comfy, with the softness of clouds, if you have space for a gorgeous big armchair then you won’t be sorry.

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Again, following mid-century design’s popularity, you may wish to choose something a little more daring and artistic for your modern bedroom. A classic sculptured chair made softer with a throw or sheepskin rug placed over it has many useful functions. You could use it in a dining room, bedroom or study for example. With a slimmer profile, a chair like this is also ideal for smaller bedrooms.


A striped fabric on a chair is a sophisticated look and for those seeking a classic theme in their bedroom, this is the obvious choice. A small striped armless slipper chair complete with cushion and matching the headboard is a truly stylish pick for a classic room.

A pop of colour

If the bedroom is decorated in neutral shades, introducing a chair is a great opportunity to also add a bright pop of colour into the scheme. Choose from hundreds of different shades and fabrics to add a unique area of interest into a bedroom layout.